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The Munchies

I arrive for a first meeting, there is debris everywhere.

The house is a tip.

Cannot open the door to some rooms, due to the combination of worn clothes, wrappers, and toys on the floor.

Some rooms smell, a lot.

I walk around from top – down and then to the garden.

The garden is the cleanest area, though overgrown.

I finish in the living room.

I sit on the sofa and get prodded with pieces of lego.

I search for a free area to sit, I sit perched on the corner of a sofa, and start writing notes as quickly as possible.

As I write notes a sweet 4 year old sits 10 inches away from a huge tv, feeding herself sweetcorn, the bowl sits precariously on the corner of a coffee table too far away, she reaches and manages half of every spoon, the rest hits the floor to join the rest of the detritus.

Added to this the munching of sweetcorn is very loud, she has headphones on and plugged into the tv.

Dad comes in, opens his laptop to work, a can of fizzy drink is opened. Laptop is perched on knees; the can is on floor. Major slurping ensues, in the way one sees soup noodles vacuumed at high speed.

Both munching and slurping is unbearable to hear and watch.

Notes are finished and I make a quick exit.

Before leaving I suggest, subtly, a clutter councillor.