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As a Student of Architecture (Breaking in my tutor’s flat)

I arranged for a tutorial with Charlie Mann, a great teacher, architect and urban cowboy.

Charlie often wore a blue slim suit, Stetson and cowboy boots.

He was one of the most eccentric of my teachers, and a bibliophile.

His flat was full of books, on shelves but mainly as columns that you had to

circumnavigate, madness!

He lives above a shop in Notting Hill.

He would give his tutorials in the pub in the Mews behind his flat, and then stagger home.

One night we discovered he left his keys in the flat.

I volunteered to get a ladder from the local supermarket, climbed up to the front window at first floor and prised it open.

It was a dark winter’s night, I pulled myself up from the delicate shop awning and dripped through the window into his front room.

Behind me I heard a huge applause from all the neighbours who had been watching the cabaret.

Charlie now lives in Australia, the home of urban cowboys.