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I went to a big house which was occupied by only a couple, I think the kids must have left home. He was a big guy and she was quite petite.

The brief was to convert the loft into something much bigger and I found it perplexing because the house was so big already.

I went up to see it and the space was filled by a train set complete with landscapes and accessories, all professionally done. They had a garage which they didn’t use, it was bigger than most and it made sense to rebuild the garage and relocate the train set there.

When I suggested that I got a terrible look from him and a rather pleased look from her though she didn’t say anything. He was so immovable about it being in the loft. They were seriously considering demolishing the room and rebuilding a larger version just for this train set.

But I’m not sure they ever did it in the end and are probably still deciding whether to put it in the loft or the garage: stalemate!