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Fun House for Cartoonist

At a very early meeting with a client she said, ‘it would be nice to have one big open space where the back of the house can be open to the garden’. And I said, ‘why don’t you have a swing in the house?’ She loved the idea, the swing would be un-hookable so didn’t need to be in place all the time. She said, ‘what I’d love to do is lie on the sofa with a newspaper, stick my foot out and push the swing for my kids’. So that’s what we did: an indoor swing you can push with your toes while reclining on your sofa!

She was also exploring materials for the terraced area and we decided on slate. One of the reasons for this was that her husband is a cartoonist and they loved the idea that the kids could draw with chalk on the terrace and you could just wash it off. So her whole terrace is dark slate that you can draw on.

The other very nice thing about their house was that he decided to have one of his cartoon characters etched into the glass of their front door. They also left part of the hall wall white and he started to draw his cartoons on the wall in black, which looked really great.

I loved that they were up for all sorts of different things. They were also the only people I know who used orange in their bathroom! I’m not sure why, but people just don’t.